Friday, 9 February 2007

General mutterings

Firstly, i`d like to congratulate Zoe on her 1,000,000th visit, impressive.

Word of the week: DICHOTOMY, in todays D.T. codeword puzzle.

Pat very kindly mentioned me in one of her last postings, thanks Pat.

We beat the Aussies at cricket.......YEAH!!

Quote of the week from Glenn Hoddle: "They still have the second leg up their sleeve"!

Pub business. Trigger came in.............? Seriously, we were watching South Africa. v. Pakistan from Durban, live.

"Where`s` this from?", asks Trigger.

"Durban", i replied.

"Nice weather, considering it`s snowing here".


"Well Durham`s near Newcastle, it`s not that far away".

I really don`t know why i bother.


Beccy said...

Lol, did he really that is so funny.

Sally Lomax said...

Hilarious! It doesn't even sound that similar!!

But you must bother - because the comments are great on your blog!


john.g. said...

Thank you ladies, i shall try!

zoe said...

thank you for the congrats, john - i'm doing a quick round of blogs before i get back to work :)