Saturday, 17 February 2007

Trigger`s on form.

Firstly, these comments are real, i am NOT making them up. I only say this because of the following.
We were waiting for the football to start and the Poacher wanted to see the weather forecast. He`s fishing next week. Anyway, the screen was showing Scotland. Now you know how they highlight the major towns/cities on the map? Lerwick came into view.

Trigger: " What`s that island in the sea?"



Need i say more?

Number 2. The Beer Monster came in.

Trigger: "Now we can have a sensible conversation"

Seven of us together.".When are you going?"


zoe said...

LOL - poor bloke!!

Wendz said...

Well he provides you with comic relief..much as I seem to do for my builders and landlords. It's totally unintentional and that's what makes it so funny. He really sounds thick though.

john.g. said...

Wendz, he is , and the new masthead`s just arrived. Thank you so much. xxx

Sally Lomax said...


It's so sad, but so funny!