Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Pleasant lunchtime.

Had a couple of drinks with Keith today. If he classes himself as a disillusioned drunk on a pint of orange/lemonade and a pint of mild, i hope he never visits Zoe! (sorry zed).
It was very pleasant though, and luckily he hasn`t met Trigger. I hope to see Keith again, which no doubt i will. It`s a good thing, this blogging.


Anonymous said...

Ah well, I only have one pint of beer at lunchtime, cos I'm driving you see. Now tonight, in about 15mins, I shall go next door to the pub and have a few, cos I only need to walk/stagger a few yards home!

Fancy telling Zoe and Belgie drunks that I drink "orange and lemonade"! Oh, the shame of it; I shall never be able to raise my head again!

john.g. said...

I`m sure you`ll cope Keith!! Besides, you`ll be pissed soon, and at least there`s no driving. Hope you find the door keY!!

Wendz said...

Bwah ha ha ha ha....Keith and orange/lemonade?

Oh Keithikins....what AM I going to do with you?

Sally Lomax said...

Thank you for pointing Keith in my direction! He visited my blog today on your recommendation.

It's really nice to get new visitors, especially when they are sent there by someone else.

Glad you had another nice drink too!


PI said...

Oh my comment could not be processed. Swipe me! Just saying you apparently need to live in Belgium or the Midlands for a Blog social snifter.

john.g. said...

Pat, the comment`s come through ok.