Thursday, 1 February 2007

Balmy weather

One more today. A fast food outlet in Herriot country..... All PIZZAS great and small !!

Do i subscribe to global warming? No, not as a result of our doings. Ok this winter`s been mild, about o.6 of a degree, but the previous warmest was in 1909. Hardly a lot of carbon emissions from air/road travel then, then!

No, it`s just jumping on the bandwagon that is "green", in other words, TAX. The world has always warmed, then cooled, and so-on. I believe it is called cyclical.

So bollocks to you Brown, you`re a bigger w*nker than i thought if you think putting up tax on air travel is going to save the planet. Try telling the Americans, Russians,Chinese and Indians to stop pumping shit into the air and leave our insignificant little island alone.

That feels better.


Beccy said...

Good for you John!

ChrisB said...

well said

john.g. said...

Beccy and chrisb, thank you. It`s become ridiculous/expensive.