Saturday, 3 February 2007

Saturday night

I can tell it`s Saturday night, nobody`s about. I don`t go out in the evening, it`s not fair on Father. He likes to be in bed by 10/10.30pm.

The pub was quiet today, i think they were all waiting for the England rugby match at 4.00pm. We STUFFED the Jocks!! Yahoo!

He is currently watching Open all Hours. Ger, ger Granville, fetch your cloth! Classic comedy, they don`t make them like that anymore, mores the pity.

Next on the agenda is a DVD. The Day After Tomorrow. Great film, i think.

Bye, bye.


sallywrites said...

John - Why don't you take your Dad with you to the pub sometimes, so that you could have a night out at the pub sometimes too. He might enjoy it?


Unknown said...

Sally, Father hates the smoke in pubs, and besides once he`s cooked dinner he just wants to relax.
Nice thought though.