Thursday, 8 February 2007

Still can`t play golf!

After installing Vista, i still am unable to plat my beloved golf game. The graphics people still aren`t up to speed. I did a lot of investigation, and apparently they`ve about sorted it........... in the U.S.A. No surprise there then !

The pub was quite busy today, considering the weather.

Trigger came in, he said he`d been snowed off. I don`t know how. He works in his village !!

Cricket against the Aussies again tomorrow, more doom i imagine.

Ta, ta for now.


Pat said...

Just spotted tomorrow BBC2 7pm programme on Vista. Not sure how relevant it will be as it's Money Prog but will try to watch it.

john.g. said...

Thanks Pat, i`ll have a look.

Beccy said...

Don't follow the cricket but hope it's a good match, glad the weather isn't preventing you getting to the pub, keep those trigger quotes coming!

Simoney said...

Did you know that golf was originally spelled backwards to describe the way women tried to play it?
Thought you would like to know.

john.g. said...

Simoney, welcome. I like that, but i thought that`s what you do to us. (if that way inclined, of course).