Friday, 16 February 2007

Triggres back!

Some of today`s Triggerisms.

"Iwas reading my paper this morning (The Sun), when i read about a baby that had been
given Viagra to increase the blood flow to her arteries."

"Yes", i said, it was on the news earlier.

"I use that sometimes".

"Why?" (he`s got a face lke a blacksmith`s anvil).

" Well, you know".


"It increases the blood flow to your dick".

That explains things...Blood taken from brain, put into dick means.....IDIOT!!

I was watching the golf, live from Jakarta, Trigger looked at the scoreboard and said(ok, it was a slip of the tongue), there`s a lot of Indians playing cricket these days!

I love him to bits.


Keith said...

Adds a completely new meaning to the term "dickhead" doesn't it?

Wendz said...

Trigger sounds like someone I'd want to meet - just for the giggles of course.

Keep 'em coming!

john.g. said...

Wenz, you don`t i assure you!!