Thursday, 15 February 2007

Great minds meet

I met Keith today. He took up my offer of a pint and duly arrived at the local.
A thoroughly nice man.

List of things we agreed on:

1. We both like France and Frogs (i get loads in the pond at springtime). Oh, shit he meant the French!

2. We`re not religious.

3. Zoe`s mad

4. The Twat`s mad.

5. Wendz is mad.

6. Numbers 3 & 5 are lovely kind .....aaahhh! lol.

Things we disagreed on. He likes cats, i`d shoot them. He hates dogs, i love them (apart from those little yappy b*stards.

All-in-all a good result i think. Good on you Keith, maybe next time you`ll meet TRIGGER!!!!!!


Wendz said...

I am so jealous I could poo! Not fair. I have known Keith for over a year.


john.g. said...

Wendz, he was looking for you last time he was in France, but left your phone number at home!

keith said...

Meet Trigger? Jeez! A fate worse that death.....

Whadda ya mean? I didn't say Zed, Q, and Wendz were mad. Perhaps just a little weird. Now and then.

By the way, it's just 7.89 miles (12.7 kms) from t'pub to chez Keith

john.g. said...

Stick with the miles Keith, this is ENGLAND!! Poetic licence, i think.

Beccy said...

That was quickly organised lads.

Keith how could you not want to meet trigger? I suppose you might p**s yourself laughing!

PI said...

That is delightful. I mentioned it in my post today. Hope you don't mind.
BTW Keith I've got my Wendy's confused . How many are there?

Sally Lomax said...

Oh fantastic. That's really nice to meet up.

Perhaps we ought to organise a party/ Sunday lunch at Christmas at your pub John (but not TOO close to Christmas, because that would be not doable....) and we could all come. Where do you live?

john.g. said...

Beccy, that` down to Zoe`s blog.

Pat, not at all.

Sally, the pub doesn`t do food, apart from rolls, but i`ll e-mail the address anyway.

zoe said...

you boys have me rolling in laughter. really.

you must get keith to get you on the eurostar and visit. a summer barbecue would be a riot - and of course, wendz (who i know better than sally :( and pat MUST come too.

the more, the merrier!

john.g. said...

Thank you all, but i can`t travel with the "personal" problems i have. It`s the accident damage i`m afraid, otherwise i`d love to.