Sunday, 23 March 2008

Arcachon, S.W. France, 1986 !

L-R, Charlie, Roger(RIP), Paul, and MOI!

We had a nostalgia lunchtime today. Sometimes it's good to reminisce! Keith came over, which was a bit of a surprise,as I thought his daughter was coming for Sunday lunch. Keith is a welcome addition to the Gang , who have made him part of our 'set' on a Sunday.

This is ' LE TERMINUS ',a superb bar/cafe in the centre of Arcachon. This was our base.

From breakfast time,(6 oysters and a pint of lager) at 11 a.m, we set out to the nudist beach. We didn't know it was a nudist beach, but if you pronounced it phonetically, it sounded like bollicky buff!

More tales may follow, if you wish!

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This is brilliant! Watch the driver of the Merc very carefully.


Grumpy Git said...

Me first!

Nice picture, shame about the ugly version of Kenny Everitt on the right!

john.g. said...

Thanks Grumps, but I sorted it!

john.g. said...

Like it!!

katy said...

erm did you join in with the nudes on the nudist beach then ;)

© Karelian Blonde said...

Bunch of guys having oysters for breakfast? Errr...? I am sure you have some more good stories to tell about the days of yore. So get on with it and pictures are greatly appreciated :)

john.g. said...

Katy, yes, but no pics!

KB,I'll try!

Jon M said...

Looks great! I love to do that to a merc!

PI said...

What a handsome young man!
I had seen the Merc before but it's still a laugh:)

Anonymous said...

Oysters for breakfast?? That sounds like four lads are trying to come up with a new hangover cure :)
The fillum,caused much laughter amongst my Bratz:)particularly when the old lady hits the car:):):)

ChrisB said...

Little old ladies are hilarious!!