Monday, 3 March 2008

Spring is sprung.......I hope!

I hope spring has sprung, but March can be a strange month, as the start of this week has proved already, with snow showers and a brisk North Westerly that we call a 'lazy' wind, as it goes through you instead of around you!

Anyway, these were taken last week.


Crocuses and snowdrops under the rose trellis.


Helebores, Dads favourites.

Under the magnolia

This isn't as colourful yet as it will get, as the single daffodil says,but give it a few days of milder weather later this week and things will explode with colour.

I love the spring, with its variations of greens. All of them fresh and vibrant, before giving way as summer arrives to a much darker shade.

More photos as the year progresses.


© Karelian Blonde said...

Seriously nice garden you got there :)

PI said...

The garden does you and Dad proud but isn't a bit tactless to show the shed? Poor Quarsan! Isn't it maddening that hellebores drop their faces down- at least mine do.
Bed-time. Night night!

#Debi said...

I'm very impressed with your garden. You seldom see such nice ones here in the states (or at least in my part of the country). Everyone either has a postage-stamp size lawn, or all grass with a token tree for shade and maybe a tiny flower plot against the house...

Mickle in NZ said...

What a lovely garden. Hope you get more spring weather soon. Here in Wellington, NZ March 2008 = instant autumn

Anonymous said...

Oh your dad puts me to shame, today it snows here! All winter we waited for it to happen, and now as spring is on the doorstep and my ransom is peeking through the soil,its all covered again my snow. GRUMBLE GRUMBLE!

Signed mrs.grumpy mcgardengnome!

Brom said...

Went out for a walk with the missus yesterday. Started off in fine sunshine, ended in a cross between a heavy shower and a blizzard. Still fun tho'

john.g. said...

mickle in nz, you are most welcome to the madhouse!

Brom, March can be awful!

Sylv, thanks for introducing mickle!

#debi, must try harder!!

Mum2, I thought you might pick up on that!!!!!!

KB, thanks hon!

Karmyn R said...

Yeah Spring!

Now you need to take a picture once a week so we can see the development.

john.g. said...

Ok, Karmyn, I'll try to get Dad to oblige!

Jayne said...

I really love looking at photos of your (dad's) garden John. When I opened your page & saw the pics, I smiled to myself. Being bound in an apartment does my 'ead in sometimes, despite the convenience of having everything I need within a block or two. Gardens give so much pleasure. Grandma taught me what I know & between us, we're secretly gloating, as my son has now taken up gardening in his first home/garden in Dublin.
Keep the photos coming hon - they really do bring so much pleasure to your readers :-)

john.g. said...

Jayne, I'll try!!

sablonneuse said...

There was I feeling quite proud of my few new daffodils and then you come along and completely upstage me and my gardening efforts. I'm seriously impressed. Well done your dad!