Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Pub news, and Garden surprises.


I must have been reasonably well behaved today, as I didn't get slapped by Di. I must be slacking, and will have to try harder! I think it's because her parents were visiting. I had a good chat with her Dad. He seems really nice, so I asked Di where her violent tendencies came from.

"My Dad, he was a right firebrand!"

I'd better watch out methinks!

Also, finally the damn beer's gone up 10p a pint! Bloody budget. Mind you, it wont bother me, except i'll probably have to subsidise Keith . You know what some 'elder' buggers are like! LOL.


This was a surprise in the garden yesterday.

French. or red legged partridge

These are Red-legged French Partridge, or Frenchmen to the country folk, like wot I is! They are usually a field dwelling bird living in covies , but at the start of the mating season appear to lose their marbles, and turn up anywhere.

I wish I'd still got my gun, Partridge are one of my favourite meats!


ChrisB said...

Do you have a pear tree in your garden!!

john.g. said...

There's one next door!.....honest!

© Karelian Blonde said...

Stop chasing after birds!

john.g. said...

KB, ok boss!!

Grumpy ex-beer drinker. said...

Well, I said that if the beer went up in the Budget I would give up drinking the stuff. Already at the "Dog & Gun" the smokers have long since drifted away, and the drinkers now appear to have deserted.

Last night I was the only one in the pub! God, it was lonely. The landlady was tearing her hair out, and making comments about the Government, Brown, and A Darling!

That's one pub I wont be visiting again!

I like a fellow human to talk to when I have a drink, but failing that I suppose I'll have to settle for John G at the "Miserable Monk".

Mr Farty said...

It's just a matter of time before they find a way to tax sex!

Keith said...

Mt Farty - They have taxed sex, hadn't you noticed? VAT on condoms, viagra and sex toys. You just can't get cheap blow-up dolls anymore!

#Debi said...

Mr. Farty, you've given me an idea--I'll bet that's what New York Gov. Spitzer was doing when he got caught with that hooker, research to find a way to tax sex! :)

Johng, I've never had partridge--sounds good!

Brom said...

ohhh lucky you. One of my eccentric hobbies is to see how many types of different birds I can attract to the garden, a grouse has yet to be ticked off.

(They are really very well behaved)

john.g. said...

Brom, we are the same! To date, over 35 years we have had 48 different species IN the garden!

Duck said...

You can't beat a bit of game. Although I prefer pheasant.

PI said...

John you wouldn't! Would you?

john.g. said...