Saturday, 29 March 2008

Pub news !

This lunchtime has been mad.

It all started with Trigger getting whacked by Di, for, well, being Trigger!

Trigger,"Di, you're all in blue,are you playing for Leicester City today?"

Di, "Are you a natural twat, or do you practice?"

Me," He doesn't practise Di, it's all natural."

Trigger, "You can f*ck off Ironside"

I put the boxing highlights from last night on, as I know the lads enjoy it.

Trigger, "What's this?"

The Poacher,"Rugby!"

Trigger, "You twat I meant what fight is it!

The Poacher, "It's a boxing fight."

Trigger, to Jez, "Is this place full of complete arseholes, or is it just me?"

Jez,"It's just you, Trigger!"

Trigger, "Bollocks."

Next, I put the qualifying for the Moto G.P. (bike racing for those not in the know) on.

Trigger, "Who's winning?"

Me, "It's qualifying, the race is tomorrow."

Trigger, "Yes, but who's winning?

Me, "Trigger, NOBODY is winning, the race is tomorrow!"

By this time, I had given up all hope, and Trigger went on his merry way. No doubt battle will be resumed tomorrow lunch.

The race starts at 1.00pm. I hope Trigger's gone by then!


PI said...

Actually, sometimes I can see Trigger's point. I mean someone had to win?

Mickle in NZ said...

Here's hoping Trigger forgot to put his clocks etc.... forward so you'll all have a happy time in the pub today.

First day of Summertime = first pint supped an hour earlier than yesterday, Enjoy!

huggles xxx

sablonneuse said...

As another sport-ignorant person I have to sympathise with Trigger.

Anonymous said...

i swear one day I make it happen to come and have lunch in the Merry Monk and will sit there laughing my a** off watching ya'll !!

Mickle in NZ said...


With me beside you too. We will have such fun (at the brit blokes expense)

John - cor, I haven't told you about my four lots of arsehole surgery, so far.I live with Crohn's disease, and only about 5% of large intestine left

Super Hi and Hello to your Dad

Will start saving so can visit the Merrie Monk - as long as Trigger ain't there matey

Super hellos to Erica spider, and to your Dad

john.g. said...

Mickle, can't wait?! The beer's on me!

Sylv, you will be welcomed with open arms!

john.g. said...

Sandy, Trigger reckons he's a Man Utd fan!

sablonneuse said...

? scratches head ???

john.g. said...

Sandy, never mind!

Duck said...

You should definitely get a swear box. You'd make a fortune out of him!

I'm glad the clocks went forward. Means the time in my car is correct for the first time since October.

apositivepessimist said...


john.g. said...

Pessimist! Where've you been?

Mickle in NZ said...

Wee change in the drinks department for me, stroppy innards = beer is a disaster. Very happy to let you know mine is a half of dry (very dry yet alcoholic please) cider

One day I'll get there, matey

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Mickle on NZ

john.g. said...

Mickle, can't wait!

john.g. said...
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Jayne said...

I'm also on the list of dropping into the pub one day......mines a virgin pina colada please :-) (I don't drink alcohol. I'm strange, I know!)

john.g. said...

Jayne, no problem!