Sunday, 13 May 2007

AAHH! Sunday lunch.

Good old Trigger. The following banter took place.

Obe-Wan. "When do you retire Trigger?"

Trigger. "Three years, but I'm not going to fully retire. I might become a male escort".

Voice from the back. "You've got more chance of becoming a Ford Escort".

Trigger. "Bollocks."


Trigger. "Why do you lot go on about gardening all the time?"

Obe-Wan. "It's called a hobby , The Poacher talks about fishing, John talks about golf and motorbikes, The beer monster talks about everything........."

Sharon. "And you talk about crap!"

Trigger. (silence).

The bar. LAUGHTER!!


Beccy said...

A male escort? Really? You never know there may be a female Trigger out there needing an escort.

Love Sharon.

john.g. said...

There's a few mad women on this blog! (Scarpers sharpish!)

ChrisB said...

lol I'd like to be a fly on the wall !!

phoenix said...

the pub seriously sounds like a sitcom lol.

john.g. said...

Phoenix, you have no idea!!

Drama Queen said...

Ford escort!!!!

Still laughing. . .but I'm simple like that.

Sally Lomax said...

AAhhh........... Call me soft, but I feel a bit sorry for poor old Trigger!!

john.g. said...

Softie...he loves it!!!!!!