Thursday, 24 May 2007

A Sentimental post

I noticed the other day that my 100th post had been passed. Who'd of thought it, me finding 100 things to blog about!

As you all know, my life has had it's downs and downs over the past 7 years, what with my prang, and then Mum dying. What has kept me going is a manic sense of humour, my Dad (you are a star), my 'Sister',( Lindsay, I love you to bits), and above all YOU my bloggie friends. Without you lot my access to the outside world would have been lost.

You, my friends are MY WORLD, and long may it continue!!

Toodle pip . I love you all, and thank you.


Keith said...

"Toodle pip". You going somewhere then? I don't remember you telling me!

Anyway John, it's a pleasure to know you personally. I think you are a really nice guy, in spite of what the others in the pub have told me!

Wendz said...

Oooh! 100 posts! Whoop!!

Keep going John - I love to pop in here for a laugh.

Beccy said...

Ahhhh shucks John, you have a soft side...I'm touched!

Now back to the wise cracks!

Drama Queen said...

Man, I can't even crack a joke here that was a lovely post. Long may we always be friends.

BTW I am still wetting myself at your comment at mine. Yes I plan to do THAT!!!

*exits to go dry up the mess*

Sally Lomax said...

Congrats John!!

Blogging is one of the best things that has happened to me for a long time too!

Sally Lomax said...

And we all love you too!

ChrisB said...

Congrats on passing the 100 post mark;
that was a very touching post, I know what you mean about the value of making bloggie friends. It's what has helped me through a long lonely winter after I retired from work. You keep writing we'll keep reading :)

john.g. said...

Thank you all.

zoe said...

oh, alright, john. you've won with that post.

....fiddle, twiddle and publish.

john.g. said...

Thanks, Zooooeeee!