Monday, 14 May 2007

Madeleine MacCann

I'm not a parent, nor am I in the least bit religious, but this story has really tugged at something within me. I'm not going to turn religious either, but spare a thought for what the parents must be going through. The not knowing must be heart rending. How they seem to be coping is amazing.
May a happy ending come to them.


Beccy said...

Hear, hear, John.

phoenix said...

I am a parent and I can't even bear to think about what they're all going through.Even worse when my little girl starts asking questions and states to me that after this length of time there may be no hope(she's only 8)! lets hope to god there is and little Madeleine comes home safe.

Sally Lomax said...

I agree - as you know.

Like you I usually write for laughs, but last Friday I felt that I had to comment on this.

There isn't a parent in the UK who isn't affected by this - or a non parent. Even those who haven't got children can all remember being children themselves. Do you remember that horrible feeling of loneliness when you lost your Mum in the supermarket? And it's no better for those moments from the other side, as a parents.

The horror for those poor parents.

Well said John.

ChrisB said...

These parents must be going through hell and I'm praying for a happy outcome for the family. I can still remember the panic I felt when I lost Beccy in a dept store when she was young (she had a tendancy to be there one min gone the next) the relief when they called over the tannoy system.

Neil jay said...

As a parent of a 3 year old I feel compassion to-wards the McCann's.

But I do feel the Media has been a little one sided on this, the fact the most (over 70%) of this kind of tragedy does involve a member of the extended family is almost like the McCann's have been held as perfect parents on this, please remember they left three small children alone at night so they could go out, there was no mention of 'poor' parenting, also there is the question of medicated sleep used with Maddy. keep an open mind to the events.....