Saturday, 26 May 2007

Culinary Education.

I know a lot of you are excellent cooks/chefs, and a few of the locals in the pub are fairly handy.

One of the lads has just bought a steamer, and was asking OBE WAN for some advice about cooking times for veg. Trigger was listening in, as usual. OBE WAN gave his advice, which Pete the builder (another character Beccy) accepted.

"That sounds easy". said Trigger. "Can I do my beef in there as well?"



headless chicken said...

Nothing wrong with a bit of beef in the old steamer!!!!! ;)

Beccy said...

I'd slap it on the bbq myself!

Anonymous said...

You mean I've been doing it wrong all these years?

The beef I mean!

ChrisB said...


ChrisB said...

PS meant to say hope you finished that crossword I have a backlog of 3 to do from the daily paper so as it's raining I think that's me sorted for the afternoon!

Unknown said...

HC. lol.

Beccy, before or after steaming?

Chris, yes thanks. It's the obvious ones that stump me!

Unknown said...

Jamie, watch your servers, they may dish up the wrong meal!!