Sunday, 20 May 2007


Trigger was a bit subdued this lunch, so no funnies. Instead a questionnaire.

Favourite things:

1: DRINK: Lager now, I used to drink bitter.

2: FOOD: Roast lamb, veg, onion sauce, fresh mint sauce with gravy.

3: FILM: Monty Python, The Life Of Brian.

4: BOOK: Jaws, read at an early age, I was spellbound. (Always had a fascination with sharks).

5: SPORT: Difficult, but has to be motocycle racing.

6:BLOGGER: No comment, you're all special. (How's that for diplomacy)?

7:MUSIC: Pink Floyd all the way!

8: BIRD: Zoe Osprey.

9: ANIMAL: Tiger.

10: HERO: There has to be two here. Nick Faldo and Barry Sheene.

I tag ..........All of you.


PI said...

Hi John! Hope you have been good. Have just had some elderflower wine from Devon which was so nice I'd like another but must stick to my regime. Just read 'Notes on a Scandal' which is more a woman's book - not very nice but excellent writing. I'll happily go with the lamb as long as there is onion sauce and my favourite recent film was 'The Queen' BTW I don't do tags!

john.g. said...

You just did!!

Welease Woderwick! said...

I'll do the tag on one condition.. er... no, two conditions... you buy me a pint AND a cheese and onion cob on Tuesday, cos I'm skint now.

john.g. said...

OK, your on, you tight-fisted old git!!

zoe said...

christ, the old fart never gives up, does he ?

john.g. said...

Zoe, you have NO idea!

martin said...

Barry Sheene was a hero of mine too. I was shopping in Sainsbury's around the corner a few years ago and at the end of the isle with a basket walking towards me was Barry. He had long life milk and some oranges and apples. He was here having treatment for his cancer. He must have seen the look on my face and as he walked past he smiled and nodded.
I so regret not making a point of shaking his hand.
He was one in a million.

V. Mildew said...

Zoe - less of the "old" bit if you don't mind!

john.g. said...

Martin, I have his DVD, LEGACY, which came out a month or so, it's brilliant!