Thursday, 19 July 2007

Masthead 2.

Thankyou all for the kind comments regarding Wendz skills in designing my new 'look'.
Please go to her site, and for a reasonable fee, she will rejuvenate your blog. This is a public service announcement, for which I am receiving no fee.



PI said...

John I'm way behind the times financially; what is a reasonable fee?

Keith said...

3 Euros, Wendy?

Wendz said... get a new look blog and now want to get paid? Gawd what is the world coming to!


No Keith - not 3 euros....pffft!

john.g. said...

Wendz, I did thank you for me allowing you to get in some "practise" ahead of your website launch. And I did proffer some advice about word of mouth advertising, what more do you want?